Meet The Social Media Ambassadors! Web Director | September 27, 2022

Thomas College has hired a new team of Social Media Ambassadors to help show the world what Thomas is all about. Julia Reny, Gavin Bourgoin, and Aubrey Schaeffer are the new “faces” of the Terrier Family and are ready to utilize their passion for Thomas to show prospected students what our campus has to offer.

Julia Reny is an Education Major here at Thomas College. She is from Gardiner, Maine, and a graduate of Cony High School. Julia has true school spirit when it comes to Thomas. 

“I love being an outlet for students on campus and incoming students alike to show them what it is like being a student here at Thomas College. I also like the support that I can bring to the position,” said Julia. “Instagram takeovers and TikTok’s are my favorite part of being a Social Media Ambassador, too because they are super fun and give me a chance to speak to the community.”

Gavin Bourgoin is the Marketing Intern for Thomas College. He is from Minot, Maine, and a graduate of Poland Reginal High School. Gavin has been all over our social media pages here at Thomas, known for his infamous “Student Takeover” during the Summer of 2022.

“This roll began as part of my internship for the summer, and it turned into the opportunity as a Social Media Ambassador, which is giving me the chance to present Thomas College from a unique perspective for students,” Said Gavin, “It gives individuals the chance to have that personal connection and have a true sense of what Thomas College is.”

With this opportunity and position as Student Social Media Ambassador comes a plethora of knowledge and proficiency. “I have truly enjoyed gaining the experience as a Social Media Ambassador, such as going to offsite locations and also engaging with onsite campus community such as students and just having that chance to get that background experience has offered me an opportunity to engross with each specific roll and branch of this internship,” said Gavin.

Aubrey Shaeffer is a graduate student here at Thomas College. She is from Union, Maine, and a graduate of Medomic Valley High School. Aubrey’s entry into college was a big step for her, and she is now using her position of Social Media Ambassador as a chance to share her experiences with fellow students.

“I was nervous applying for college at first, and I love being a Social Media Ambassador because it means that I could be that source of information for incoming students so I can show them that college isn’t scary, and they will love the family feel of Thomas College.”

Shaeffer also mentioned how she believes that by using the social media platform, she can bring her experience to the public and help provide a familiar face and experience for fellow students and incoming Thomas Terriers.

Our Social Media Ambassadors are beyond excited to bring their voices to the social media scene here on campus, and they are ecstatic to share their experiences with the rest of the Thomas Family and beyond. Join us in congratulating Gavin, Aubrey, and Julia on their exciting new roles as Thomas College’s Student Social Media Ambassadors!

Connect with the Ambassadors on InstagramYouTubeTikTok, and ZeeMee.